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Samaj Kalyan Vibhag Chandrapur Schemes

Samaj Kalyan Vibhag Chandrapur Schemes

Social Justice, Jilha Parishad, Chandrapur is providing following mention beneficial schemes. These schemes are available for all people Chandrapur districts to get the require benefits. These scheme are Disability Welfare Scheme, Inter caste Marriage scheme, District Fund Scheme. For more details about these all schemes visit District Social Welfare Department, Jilha Parishad, Chandrapur.

Disability Welfare Scheme:

  • This scheme is specially for physically disable people. To give the require fund, scholarship & also fulfill their needs.
  • Scheme also deals with with providing benefits of teaching them all require education, retraining etc.

Inter caste Marriage scheme:

  • These schemes is providing benefits to students learning in 5th to 10th standard  by giving them scholarship.
  • Providing education & training to backward category students.
  • To make free to bad addicted persons.
  • Indian Government before Metric Scholarship.

District Fund Scheme:

  • District Fund Scheme is for providing 20% SES fund.
  • For backward category farmer granting on 90% HDPE/PVE, Online engine, providing training.
  • For rural Indian from backward category providing training to boys/ girls with professional / competitive training.
  • Samaj Kalyan Vibhag Chandrapur Schemes

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